What are JuneBerry Booties?

JuneBerry Booties are baby booties that have been redefined and redesigned.  With comfort and practicality in mind, our booties have been redesigned to stay on even the most wiggly feet.  They are handmade out of soft and warm knit fabrics that are stylish, safe and of the highest quality.  JuneBerry Booties are fashionable, handmade in America and help keep your baby's feet comfortable and warm.  

What makes JuneBerry Booties so special? 

All JuneBerry products are handmade in Colorado.  We stand behind the quality of each pair of booties and want you to know that each pair is made with love and care.  The elastic around the ankle provides a snug fit and the snap system allows easy adjusting.  Not only are they a warm and cozy alternative to socks, they also stay on until you decide to take them off.  


How we started


I'm a mom to one little girl who is the inspiration behind the booties and this business.  I had an incredibly hard time keeping socks on my little ones feet and eventually gave up on the whole idea of putting them on at all.  This experience inspired me to make a unique product thats sole purpose was to stay on babies feet and keep them cozy.  What started as making a comfy alternative for my little girl soon turned into a passion that I had to share with others! I hope that you love them as much as we do! 


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